About Us

Advanced Accessories has been supplying a wide range of high quality mobile phone accessories for over twenty years, including mains chargers, cables, cases, audio, holders, tempered glass, and more. All of our phone chargers are RoHS and CE approved, meaning they meet all the required UK Safety Standards. Our products are made in the exact same factories as some of the UK's biggest mobile phone providers.


We can supply custom packaging should you want to promote or build your own brand. The designwork can be handled here by our team and sent to you for approval, or you can send us your own.




Product Sourcing


If you are interested in selling items that we don't currently stock, we can source products from our extensive network of contacts located all over the Far East. Just send us your quantity and feature requirements, and we'll get back to you with a quote as quickly as we can.




We have at least one shipment that arrives from China every week, so if you have any popular lines, you can increase your profit margin by ordering on one of these shipments. You pay upfront and take advantage of a greatly reduced price. We limit our suppliers to those we have met in person and have worked with for a long time. This is a no-risk way to purchase from overseas. We guarantee every order that is placed on the pre-ordering service.

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